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At the Conservatory, we are committed to nurturing our students’ talents from infancy through the age of 18. Our music program offers instrumental and vocal training in an array of musical styles, composition and theory classes, chamber music ensembles and orchestra practice. The Dance department provides instruction in classical and contemporary dance.

Thanks to our esteemed donors, many students receive scholarships based on need and merit every year, ensuring equal opportunity for all.


Where passion meets proficiency: Discover our programs


Israel’s finest music education

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From classical ballet to modern dance

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Special Needs

Music lessons and musical activities for children with special needs
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Tiny Music

Introducing young children to the joys of music
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Ankor Choir

Voice training, theory classes and choral music making at its highest level
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Performing Groups

The Conservatory offers more than 15 ensembles and orchestras
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East Jerusalem

Bridging the gap between East and West Jerusalem through music
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Jewish-Arab Program

Jewish and Arab children pursue a common goal of playing well and playing together
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Music from the East

Reviving music from the east through instrument and voice instruction
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What our students are saying

“When I came here, there was this ‘boom’ and suddenly I loved music and wanted to do something with it, to invest myself in it.”

– Amit

What our students are saying

“There’s a supportive, family atmosphere here. The idea is that it should be a place we like coming to – and it works!”

– Tom

What our students are saying

“The place is really homey and supportive. They know how to accept, envelop and encourage you.”

– Shelley



The Conservatory hosts a variety of events,
including Friday concerts at the Israel Museum,  recitals open to the public, live broadcasts of performances, and more

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Music and dance stimulate the development of children’s creativity, motor skills, tenacity, and concentration, as well as emotional expression and social skills. The Conservatory provides these opportunities to children of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

We need your help to provide equal opportunity to students whose families cannot afford tuition or instrument purchase.

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