The Conservatory: unparalleled excellence

The Conservatory, one of three institutions that make up the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, is a distinguished institution known for  providing the highest level of professional training in music and dance to 800+ students.

The student body comprises of individuals from diverse backgrounds, converging from all corners of Jerusalem and beyond, united by their passion for music and dance and their relentless pursuit of mastery.

Given the current age, where the internet has saturated our lives, the significance of arts education and active participation cannot be overstated. In fact, it’s more crucial now than ever before.

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Mr. Barak Yeivin



Mr. Barak Yeivin
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Barak, born in Jerusalem in 1963, is a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where he studied conducting under Prof. Mendi Rodan. He earned his Master’s Degree at Indiana University where he studied under Prof. Myron Bloom. He also learned to play early horn and studied early
instrument building with Richard Seraphinoff, as well as with Jean Michel Mareau Paris.

Barak played first horn for many years with the Beersheba Sinfonietta, the Rishon LeZion Symphony Orchestra, the Ra’anana Symphonette, theJerusalem Symphony Orchestra, and performed as a guest artist with various orchestras and ensembles in Israel and abroad. Barak has conducted and moderated family and children’s concerts for many years, with the Holon Habama Orchestra, the Rishon LeZion Symphony
Orchestra, the Ramat Gan Chamber Orchestra and others. He also teaches and conducts at workshops and at various ensembles.

For the past five years Barak has been the director of the Conservatory of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. He also conducts the Conservatory Symphony Orchestra and its wind Orchestra. Barak has been a member of the Israel Brass Quintet since 1998.


Mr. Ido Azrad

Deputy Director


Deputy Director:
Ido Azrad
Listen to Ido on YouTube

Ido Azrad was born in Jerusalem.
He has a third degree in clarinet from the High School of Music in Trussingen-Germany
Under the guidance of Prof. Chen Halevi. In addition, he also specialized in playing the instruments of the period.
He did his military service as an outstanding musician.

Ido performed as a soloist at the Dresden Festival (Germany), with the “Tel Aviv Soloists” ensemble, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Beer Sheva Symphony, the Jerusalem Street Orchestra and more.
Performed at various festivals and recitals in Europe, Canada, USA, South America, South Korea and Israel.

Ido won scholarships from the America Israel Cultural Foundation in clarinet and chamber music and a scholarship from the state of Baden-Württemberg – Germany.
Winner of the competitions of the Higher School of Music in Trussingen – Germany,
In the Paul Ben Haim competition, and in the first prizes in the competitions of the Jerusalem Academy of Music.

Also, Ido is regularly invited as a guest player in the Jerusalem Israeli Camerata Orchestra, in the “Tel Aviv Soloists” ensemble, and in the Jerusalem Street Orchestra.

Ido is the ensemble instructor at the Jerusalem Music Center and serves as a clarinet teacher and deputy director of the conservatory next to the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Mr. Ilya Zhuravel

Project Director


Project director:
Ilya Zhuravel

Ilya was born in Moscow, Russia. He studied music in Russia, the Netherlands (the Maastricht Conservatory of Music) and the US (the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music). Upon moving to Israel, he developed a solid orchestra career, playing under the baton of Zubin Mehta, Herbert Blomstedt, Frederick Chaslin and Omer Wellber, among others. In addition to his current position as an Assistant Principal Violist with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, he serves as a Project Director at the Jerusalem Conservatory.

Ms. Elizabeth Berkowitz

Foreign Relations Director


Foreign Relations Director:
Elizabeth Berkowitz


Board of Directors

Ofer Sasover

Auditor of the Board of Directors

Avraham Roman Kaiser

Oron Dov Schwartz, Attorney

Moti Haziza, Attorney

Irit Shatin

Miri Sapir Navon

Erez Chechaks, Attorney

Our Vision

The Conservatory firmly believes that every child, regardless of background, deserves an opportunity to experience and confidently excel in the arts. It is dedicated to exposing children from across the spectrum of Israel’s social, economic, and ethnic divides to music and dance, enabling every child who shows passion and talent to benefit from support.

The Conservatory at a Glance


Classes per week


Notable Alumni

Meet the accomplished graduates who got their start at the Conservatory

David Greilsammer - Music and Artistic Director of the Geneva Camerata Switzerland

Shaya Ginzburg - Israel Philharmonic Orchestra member

Shaked Bar - Operatic Soloist, Italy

Ye'ela Avital - Internationally acclaimed Baroque singer, teacher at the Conservatory


Our Graduates

Conservatory graduates can be found throughout Israel and the world, making a profound impact in the spheres of culture and education. To name a few:

Moran Abulaf – Operatic Soloist, Germany
Yeala Avital – Voice Teacher, JAMD Conservatory
Michael Abromowitz – Pianist, Germany
Eitan Agmon – Professor of Musicology, Bar Ilan University
Anat Edri – Operatic Soloist, Germany
Leann Aharoni – Operatic Soloist, United States
Or-Noy Avichai – Flute, Head of Wind Instrumental Program, Jerusalem Music Center
Ido Azrad – Clarinet, Member of Israel Camarata Jerusalem and Assistant Director of JAMD Conservatory
Michael Altshuler – French Horn, Member of Rishon LeZion Symphony Orchestra
Hila Bejin – Soloist, Israel Opera
Gitit Boazson – Harp, Teacher at the JAMD and JAMD Conservatory
Yitzchak Buchinski – Violin Teacher, JAMD Conservatory
Boris Bendikov – Trumpet, Member of Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
Michal Beck – Cellist, Germany
Shaked Bar – Operatic Soloist, Italy
Ronit Berman – Flute, Artistic Director of Sadna Conservatory
Tehila Goldstein Nini – Operatic Soloist, United States
Avigail Gortler – Soloist, Israel Opera
Riki Guy – Operatic Soloist, Germany
Shaya Ginzburg – Viola, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
Yuval Gilad – Pianist, United States
David Greilsommer – Piano, Artistic Director of Geneva Camarata, Switzerland
Yoel Greenberg – Viola, Doctor of Musicology at Bar Ilan University; Member, Carmel Quartet
Noam Dormbus – Saxophone Teacher, JAMD Conservatory
Benjy Hochman – Piano and Conducting, Graduate of Julliard School of Music, New York
Na’aman Wagner – Pianist and Composer, Germany
Naphtali Wagner – Professor of Musicology, Hebrew University
Amit Weiner – Pianist and Composer, Head of Interdisciplinary Music Dep’t at JAMD
Dror Zemel – Pianist, Head of Piano Dep’t at JAMD
Avner Hanani – Piano and Composition, Recipient of Prime Minister’s Prize
Tomer Yoshua – Cellist, Member of Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
Gilad Cohen – Composition, Recipient of Prime Minister’s Prize, Teacher in U.S.
Ayelet Carmon – Voice, Singer and Teacher
Netta Leder – Harpsichord, Teacher at JAMD
Gili Luftus – Pianist, Canada
Lev Luftus – Percussion, Member of Rishon LeZion Symphony Orchestra
Yinam Leef – Composer, Professor and President of JAMD
Sivan Magen – Harp Teacher, U.S., Winner of International Competitions
Michal Musk – French Horn, Member of Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Tamar Meltzer-Narkis – Oboe, Member of Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Osnat Netzer – Piano and Composition, Teacher at Harvard University
Daniel Stratievsky – Conductor, Düsseldorf Opera, Germany
Guy Selfek – Piano, Teacher at the JAMD Conservatory
Maayan Smitt – Saxophonist, Belgium
Yaniv Atar – Guitar and Conducting, Musical Director of Pennsylvania Chamber Orchestra
Nati Amrani – First Oboist, Member of Harford Philharmonic Orchestra, Germany
Gabriel Paur – Cello, Member of Württemberg Chamber Orchestra Heilbronn, Germany
Anat Pagis – Violin, Member of Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
Netanel Polak – Viola, Graduate of Julliard School of Music, New York
Sophie Falk – Piano, Teacher at JAMD Conservatory
Asher Fisch – Conductor, Former Director of Israel Opera
Adia Peled – Voice, Teacher at JAMD Conservatory
Racheli Franco – Dance, Teacher at JAMD Conservatory
Yona Tzur – Violin, Member of Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and Carmel Quartet
Andrei Zirlin – Saxophonist, Germany
Yael Charney – Conductor, Director of Kol Hamusika Radio
Keren Kagarlitzky – Conductor, Ra’anana Symphonette
Yoel Kuliner – Flute, Member of Rishon LeZion Symphony Orchestra
Avia Koppelman – House Composer, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
Daniel Kosov – Violinist and Conductor, Australia
Gilad Rabinowitz – Composer, Professor at University of Georgia, U.S.
Sonya Rubinski – Piano Soloist, Graduate of Julliard School of music, New York
Gregory Rivkin – Jazz Trumpet, Teacher at JAMD Conservatory
The Jerusalem Quartet – world-renowned string quartet
The Ariel Quartet – world-renowned string quartet
Oleg Roschzun – Director, Jazz Academy, China
Gilad Rivkin – Violinist, Member of Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Daniel Schwarzfeld – Jazz Pianist, Germany
Talia Schwarzfeld – Bassoon, Member of Munich Symphony Orchestra
Eldad Shiloah – Percussion, Member of Haifa Symphony Orchestra, Teacher at JAMD Conservatory
Sarit Shelye – Composition, Teacher at JAMD High School
Doron Schleifer – Voice and Composition, Switzerland
Binyamin Shapira – Cello, Director of Ma’ale Adumim Conservatory

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