Our Campuses

The Conservatory is spread out over three branches hosting music and dance programs for students from different communities.

Main branch

The Givat Ram location is the Conservatory’s main branch, serving over 800 students. It features 18 private teaching rooms and 15 classrooms, each equipped with at least one piano, and many with grand pianos.

Fully equipped for performances and practices, the Navon Hall can seat up to 220 guests and features two Steinway pianos.

There are also two large dance studios with adjacent dressing rooms. Both are equipped with a Yamaha grand piano.

The Conservatory also houses a music library.

Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem

Opened in 2019, the East Jerusalem Conservatory branch aims to bridge the musical knowledge gap and establish a connection between East and West Jerusalem through music education.

Our objective is to provide professional music lessons to all musically talented children in East Jerusalem, with instruction offered in a variety of instruments, voice, theory, and ensembles.

Weekly concerts at Givat Ram foster a culture of excellence and cross-cultural exposure, and the musical enrichment program in East Jerusalem kindergartens help generate interest in music. 


The Keshet School in Katamonim hosts the Music from the East Department.

Children immerse themselves in classical Andalusian and Arabic music, learning instruments such as oud, violin, nai, clarinet, guitar, mandolin, percussion, piano, and voice development, and engaging in multilingual singing of poems and songs. The teaching method blends contemporary and traditional approaches, drawing from centuries-old oral music traditions.

Eastern music not only connects children with their cultural heritage but also lays the foundation for the development of a vibrant Israeli culture.

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