The Dance Program

The Dance Department of the Conservatory offers comprehensive training in both modern dance and classical ballet genres. Our students are given multiple performance opportunities throughout the year, frequently accompanied by our accomplished student orchestras.

Our program offers a demanding yet rewarding curriculum that has paved the way for our students to take part in renowned national dance festivals and competitions

Dance for Children

The Dance Department, founded by Prof. Hasia Levy Agron, is a highly prestigious institution that offers professional-level dance instruction for children as young as 4, twice a week, with an option for additional classes to strengthen their work in classical ballet.

For 5th-6th graders, the department cultivates young dancers by providing training in classical ballet and modern dance techniques, enhancing their bodies, creativity, musicality, performance skills, and love of dance. The goal is to prepare students for the Academy of Music and Dance High School entrance exams. High achieving students can enroll in a six-year intensive dance program.

Dance for Teens

High school age students participate in events such as Hanukkah performances, open classes, and an annual end-of-year showcase at the Jerusalem Theater. They also take part in national dance competitions and perform in family concerts with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonic Orchestra.
Many graduates of the Conservatory’s Dance Department join professional companies or go on to undergraduate and graduate studies in Dance.

Dance Department Staff

Binah Shiloah

Department Head


Department Head:
Binah Shiloah

Binah is a dancer, choreographer, and modern and classical dance teacher. She has years of experience teaching dance for all ages. She teaches throughout the country and majors in dance. Choreographies she created were selected, among others, for concerts of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Rachel Franco

Modern Dance Teacher

Rachel Franco

Rachel is a teacher for the junior division ages 4-10. Rachel graduated from the academy with years of experience in learning modern, classical dance and pointe work. An expert in the field of working with early childhood and student training. Her dances are used by teachers who have been under her guidance throughout the country.

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