Tiny Music

Tiny Music – infants to age 7 – grants young children exposure to the world of music, making it a central element of family life.
During the year, the children become acquainted with the works to be performed at a concert given for them by older Conservatory students. This preparation allows for maximal enjoyment of the concert.

In this activity, a very special kind of learning goes on for the little ones, through demonstration of knowledge and skill by other children. Kids playing for kids fosters independence and collaboration.

In a Nutshell

  • Weekly session of 40 minutes with parents
  • Children learn active listening
  • Exposure to classical, jazz, Israeli and international music, through stories, song, dance and acting
  • Homey atmosphere with active parental participation
  • Classroom materials made available for use at home
  • Develops listening and interpersonal skills, self-confidence, cognitive abilities, movement sense, sensitivity and spatial sensory awareness, coordination
  • Preparation for learning to play an instrument develops different parts of the brain simultaneously: visual, audial, logical processing and movement

About the Age Groups

The program for little ones at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem was established by Dr. Michal Hefer and has been operating for several years .

Ages 0-4: In the sessions we will learn to actively listen to masterpieces from the classical repertoire, jazz and world music, we will get to know songs and melodies through a story and game experience. At the meetings, the parents take an active part in the musical experience in order to foster the parent-child relationship.

Ages 4-7:  Development of musical skills: rhythm, singing, listening, coordination and movement in an experiential and playful way. The meetings are held without the participation of the parents.

Parents are actively involved at home. They receive emails with videos and works learned in class and kids can continue to play, sing, play and listen to music at home. This is how music becomes a central theme in family life.

young student smiling while playing an instrument

Children Playing for Children

During the year the children receive preparation for the concert. They get to know all the pieces and come to the concert after having gone through a long learning process. This familiarity allows them to enjoy and have a better experience during the show. In the concert, adult children from the conservatory play in various orchestras and ensembles. Children playing for children! In this project, the older children are given the opportunity to perform and be on stage, to be an example of music studies, quality playing and social involvement.

Exposure to music at an early age also contributes to interpersonal communication, the child’s self-confidence, brain development, language development, reading, writing, motor skills, sensitivity, sensory regulation, logic, coordination and spatial understanding. It turns out that playing is more beneficial than just listening. Music can be compared to a kind of “gym” for the brain. While playing music, we simultaneously activate a large number of areas in the brain, visually, motorically, and auditorily.

Tiny Music Program Directors

Leah Plotkin

Department Head:
Leah Plotkin

Leah Plotkin B.Ed.Mus is a graduate of the music education department at the Academy of Music, and a piano student of Alan Sternfeld. She has extensive experience as a music teacher in conservatories, schools and kindergartens. She has been teaching at the Academy Conservatory since 2017 in the music department for toddlers, babies and children up to the age of 7 together with their parents.

Becky Eshel

Department Head:
Becky Eshel

Becky Eshel, a music teacher at Luria School in Jerusalem starting from 2015, as well as a pre-instrumental teacher at the Conservatory of the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem from 2020 and at the Workshop Conservatory from 2022.

From 2016-2022 she was a music teacher in kindergartens on behalf of the Karab program, and from 2018-2022, a music teacher in kindergartens on behalf of the Musician of Mebasheret Zion.

From 2016-2013, Becky was an independent preschool music teacher in private groups.
Over the years, Becky has undergone many trainings in the field of early childhood musical education using the Gordon, Kodai, Del Cruz methods and more.

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