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Your donation enables students to achieve their true potential & move onward & upward to a successful future

Your gift will make a real, transformative impact on not just the student, but also their family and the wider community.

We will introduce you to the student and share his or her progress along their musical journey with you. We greatly appreciate any and all financial donations as we work to offer equal opportunities for all youth in Israel.

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Annual Tuition: $2,300

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Ukrainian Refugee Children

We are humbled to embrace students and their families fleeing Ukraine. With your support, we can help them continue their music education, and give a feeling of “normality” during this chaotic time.

Ethiopian students

Although Ethiopian Jews have been part of Israeli society for more than three decades, most Ethiopian families still lag significantly behind their fellow Israelis. Help us change the future for Ethiopians in Israel!

Adopt a student

Adopt a Student is a way to show support by helping students who are in financial distress. It is so important to their future as it allows them to continue their musical journey, achieve their creative expression and make a positive impact on society.

Music from the East

The Music from the East department is critical to the preservation of the Jewish Sephardic musical tradition and is key to reviving and sharing this tradition with Jerusalem, with Israel, and the wider world. Help children to explore, rediscover, and embrace their roots!

Tiny Music

When children learn music beginning at a young age, they are transformed into people with coordination, listening skills, and sharper studying habits, and the outlook for their personal futures is greatly improved. 

Students with Special Needs

Music helps some children communicate better because it is non-verbal and eliminates verbal expression barriers. Your contribution will allow us to focus on the development of both musical and non-musical skills for children with special needs.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact:
Barak Yeivin at