Adopt A Student

Each student has a unique story

One student’s family suffered great financial and personal loss during COVID-19. A scholarship allowed her to continue her education at the Conservatory. She went on to perform with the Conservatory orchestra and win multiple awards and competitions.


Due to the war that Israel is facing on the northern and southern fronts, many families are displaced. The Conservatory has adopted and is supporting students who have a found a home at the Conservatory.

One talented student comes from a challenging background and is without means to pay tuition fees. The student says “the Conservatory is really like a home, I spend all day here”.

These are just a few of many students who are suffering financially and have the chance to succeed with your support.

We believe every child, regardless of background, deserves an opportunity to experience and confidently excel in the arts.

Adopting a student is a way to show support by helping those in financial despair. This is vital to their future as it keeps them involved in something positive and provides a tangible outlet. Supporting students in financial need allows them to continue their musical journey and make a positive impact on society.

Be instrumental. Support a student

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