East Jerusalem

The East Jerusalem branch of the Conservatory is situated in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Our primary aim is to provide professional music education in accordance with the Conservatory’s curriculum in West Jerusalem to communities in East Jerusalem, particularly the Arab sector. We seek to bridge the gap in music education between East and West Jerusalem, catering to those who cannot afford the tuition fees.


Sally Kassabry Muallem

Teacher and Branch Director


Teacher and Branch Manager

Sally Kassabry Muallem

Sally Kassabry is a teacher from the town of Yafa an-Nazareth, and a resident of East Jerusalem. Master of Musical Sciences at the University of Haifa. I wrote my master’s thesis, which is centered on religious music with a western character and church music production in the second half of the 20th century.

Director of the Conservatory – Creativity, Jerusalem and Professor of Vocal Refining and Choirs. In addition, she is a singer specialized in the field of classical Arabic music, performing many classical Arabic performances and concerts. She worked on a special musical show entitled “Al-Dayaa”, which included a group of Arabic songs from different historical periods and for several singers, as she was accompanied by a group of professional and academic players in music. In 2021, the first special song entitled “Ya Qamar” was produced, with special lyrics and melodies.

Check out Sally’s YouTube channel

Rita Long

Deputy Director and Project Officer


Deputy Director and Project Officer

Rita Long

Music teacher for the young generation (from 3-5 years). Graduated from the Manifesto Institute – Jerusalem, specializing in the violin. Bachelor’s degree student in Classical Singing and Music Education at the Academy of Dance and Music – Jerusalem.

Sat Long




Sat Long


Anas Abu Lafi



Anas Abu Lafi


Musical Excellence in East Jerusalem

The branch is open to students from the ages of 3 to 18. Students can enlist in various musical courses and learn many musical instruments, including eastern and western ones. They also have the possibility of participating in the voice refinement course, the young musicians course (for ages 3 to 5), choirs, and playing in eastern and western orchestras.

Every student at the branch takes theoretical lessons, where they learn written music laws with the aim of helping them to better understand music, and to progress in practical playing or singing lessons.

We evaluate students on their playing or singing abilities through  musical exams held at the middle and end of the academic year.


Where passion meets proficiency: Discover our music programs


Two choirs train weekly, sing in Arabic, and participate in the Institute’s various concerts and performances.

Eastern Ensemble

Students play various oriental instruments (such as the oud, oriental violin, derbaka, etc.) in an advanced or beginner group.

String Orchestra

This band includes students from the bow instrument category at various levels who participate in performances and concerts.

Arab-Jewish Oriental Ensemble

Students from West and East Jerusalem branches play various oriental instruments together. Supported by the Clore Israel Foundation.

The Rhythm Band

This group includes students from the various rhythmic instrument courses such as derbakah, tambourine, and cajon.

Tiny Music

3-5 year olds learn about music, singers and composers from various cultures and periods and are guided to choose a specialty instrument.

Music Programs

Music lessons are offered for 19 instruments

Eastern Violin




Bass Guitar















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