Make Your Mark: Fuel the Rhythm of Music from the East

Traditional music, passed down
from generation to generation

The traditional Sephardic (Mizrahi or Eastern) music and texts, religious and secular, that have been passed down for generations are in grave danger of disappearing from the cultural landscape. Moreover, Eastern music is often a neglected area in music education for children.

The Conservatory teaches playing on Eastern instruments, to preserve this rich culture of music and singing rooted in the Sephardic communities. In doing so, it introduces children as well as the wider community to this wonderful and important genre, and it connects children of Sephardic families to their roots.

Keeping traditions alive through a unique teaching method

The children who participate in the Eastern music education program meet in the afternoon hours at the Keshet School, a mixed secular-religious public school. Participation is open to all local children.

The program includes weekly individual lessons on instruments, group classes for theory and ensembles, an orchestra, and a choir, specializing in traditional Sephardic piyuttim (hymns) in several languages, including Ladino.

Instrument lessons are offered on oud, Eastern violin, nai, clarinet, guitar, mandolin, percussion, and piano. Not only is the music special –the method of instruction is innovative, stemming from the traditional transmission of culture from parent to child through the generations. Teachers also play with the students to preserve the special style of music.

Help Us Preserve Traditional Jewish Music

The Music from the East Department is critical to the preservation of the Jewish Sephardic musical tradition and is key to reviving and sharing this tradition with Jerusalem, with Israel, and with the wider world. As children learn more about their musical culture and heritage, a beautiful intergenerational bond and a legacy for the future are formed.

Help keep Sephardic musical tradition alive! 

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