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Harnessing life skills through music

Beginning at the age of 3 months, little ones are welcomed with their parents, who learn how to make music a part of their child’s everyday life in an enjoyable environment.

The Conservatory works with the Luria Elementary School, which is under the auspices of the JAMD, and whose pupils transition into the JAMD Middle and High Schools, completing their matriculation in music. These students study in parallel at the Conservatory, receiving individual instruction in playing an instrument.
Our experience and successes with this model of music education from infancy through the end of high school has led us to seek to introduce music studies as a regular part of the curriculum in kindergartens (ages 4-5) across the entire city of Jerusalem.

Starting the Musical Journey

The school year includes three concerts: the first two are held in each kindergarten, where musicians perform classical music with visual explanation to help students better understand the particular selection performed. The third concert takes place at the end of the year, performed by The Jerusalem Symphonic Orchestra or the Jerusalem Camarata.
This offers the children the opportunity for a full experience encompassing all they have learned throughout the year.

In addition, there are interactive learning components enabling children to participate and to sing along during the concert.

The program is approved by the Ministry of Education and is carried out in cooperation with the Teacher Training Department at the JAMD.

This is a two-year program, running in both years of kindergarten (ages 4 and 5).

The Conservatory firmly believes in equality in education – help us ensure each child has access to music from a young age!

Study of music and playing an instrument develops a rich culture for the individual, bridges gaps and enables emotional communication between people.

Our program aims to expose young children of Jerusalem to a variety of instruments and classical collections. The goal of this exposure is to guide these students in the proficiency in rhythm and listening, and a familiarity with the world of tone and sound.

Be instrumental. Support a student

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