Support Ukrainian Refugee Children in Israel

Meet Anna and Luba

The Conservatory has opened its doors with no hesitation to assist those in need, like 10 year old Anna and her 6 year old sister Luba, the first two Ukrainian refugee children that have been enrolled in the Conservatory. 

Luba plays the violin, and was also part of the choir in her Jewish school in Ukraine. Her older sister Anna, also involved with music, plays the flute and is excited to be able to have this outlet during these difficult times. They escaped from Odessa via Moldova along with their mother, Svetlana, a 49 year old teacher and journalist, and their grandparents. Like so many other refugees, they had to leave their father behind. These were the first; numerous children have followed.

Meet a mother and her 3 daughters

One of many touching stories is of one mother and her three daughters who took shelter in a cellar during a full month of bombing. They were able to escape due to the help of a rabbi of Sebastopol. They were eventually evacuated to southern Ukraine, after which they were flown to Israel along with their 85-year-old grandfather who is ill with cancer.

The children include a 13-year-old who plays violin, an 11-year-old who plays piano, and an 8-year-old who plays the viola.

Currently the family is looking for a place of their own to rent, learning Hebrew, and finding schools for the children. The Conservatory is assisting in making this transition as easy as possible and making sure they have needed items for the time being.

We believe every child, regardless of background, deserves an opportunity to experience and confidently excel in the arts.

The Conservatory has assisted many of these refugees, by giving them the opportunities to speak with social services to help find work, schools, clothing and general living needs and even providing translators. One of The Conservatory’s teachers went as far as purchasing a tablet for a child to enable him to continue remote math lessons with a teacher in Ukraine who is trying to earn a bit of money tutoring.

Each family comes with their own heartache, they are guided with the help of The Conservatory to help restart their new life in Israel, but are still in dire need of your help.

Be instrumental. Support a student

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