Support A Student with Special Needs

Meet Zvi

Zvi, aged 6 years, suffers from a severe attention deficit disorder. At first, he was not able to be focused for even a few minutes, jumping from topic to topic, asking questions and talking about what he was doing in class. But after a few classes he internalized the structure of the sessions, which allot time for discussion and time for playing. 

The result is that Zvi can now practice a piece in different ways: he can play it on the piano alone, sing it, play it together with a teacher, or dance to it. Recently, as soon as he arrives to the classroom, he goes to the piano to demonstrate what he has learned. Zvi would like to play in an ensemble. 

Here we can see him playing two hands after learning each hand separately.

Meet Felicia

Felicia, age 7, was born with a rare eye condition and has undergone 15 operations. She has very partial vision in one eye only.

But at age 6, she started music lessons and immediately demonstrated musical talent and perfect pitch. She loves to play the piano and sing, and practices for hours at home. Felicia composes and plays her own songs. Upon entering first grade, she was already chosen to play at the school ceremony.

Music lessons have not only developed her natural talent, they have contributed enormously to her self-confidence. Music has become a central part of her life and bolstered her connection with her environment. 

Playing together

Students in the program are joined by normative Conservatory students to play together in ensembles. They also perform before an audience, which is a moving experience for them, their parents and audience members.

For students with autism, we teach in a group setting in order to assess their abilities and to establish habits and communication. In addition to learning to play, we help children to connect with themselves, to breathe, to relax, to be able to listen to the music. This is not an easy task for such a child with autism who functions at a low level.

We believe every child, regardless of background, deserves an opportunity to experience and confidently excel in the arts.

Our teachers, of the best in the country, have taken upon themselves to teach in this department and to give these students the finest instruction, and much more besides.

With your help and support we can reach many more deserving children.

Be instrumental. Support a student

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