Jazz Department

The Jazz department includes 7 instruments:
Piano, double bass, drums, trumpet, saxophone, electric guitar, bass guitar and voice

In addition to instruction in playing by the leading teachers in Israel, students learn the characteristics of the jazz style focusing on the 1950s and 1960s. Emphasis is placed on playing in an ensemble and all students in the department are integrated into ensembles upon reaching the appropriate level. 


guitar circle

Award-winning students

A significant number of our students attain the prestigious status of Outstanding Musician in the IDF, while many others garner accolades from the America Israel Cultural Foundation.

Most of our students undertake the Ministry of Education’s matriculation exam, which includes a recital and a research paper, and several of them choose to continue their studies at the Academy.

What’s included:

  1. Weekly 60-minute lesson
  2. Weekly music theory lesson
  3. Piano accompaniment when needed
  4. Twice a year assessment
  5. Performing in at least 2 concerts a year
  6. Participating in an ensemble (determined by playing level)

Extended route
Students are also entitled to receive a 90/120 minute individual lesson at a reduced price, an hour of theory in a group and participation in chamber ensembles and orchestras (for those who are eligible).

guitar circle
guitar circle


Students take part in a number of events and performances through out the year. Many are open to the public. Take a look at the calendar of events to see what is coming up and experience the magic of the Conservatory!

Jazz Department Head:

Yuval Cohen


Department Head:
Dr. Assaf Sommer

Dr. Assaf Sommer serves as the head of the piano department where he grew up and was educated since childhood. Assaf Sommer completed his undergraduate studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music with Vadim Monsticksky and Benjamin Oren. He then went to graduate studies at the Manhattan School of Music where he studied with the international pianist Eugene Assaf Sommer completed his doctorate at the University of Cincinnati where he studied harpsichord and was invited to Cornell University to study hammer piano with Malcolm Bilson.

Sommer performed his piano recital debut at Carnegie Hall in 2006. He has appeared as a soloist with piano and harpsichord orchestras and in concerts throughout the US, Israel and the Netherlands. Between 2010 and 2016 he taught at the Faculty of Music at Ohio Northern University. Since his return to Israel, Sommer appeared in a series of concerts in which he played the first book from the comparative piano and other works by Bach, in a solo recital at the Israel Festival dedicated to Mozart, with the players of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestras at the Voice of Music Festival in Kfar Bloom, and at the Bach Festival.

Jazz Department Teachers:

Yuval Cohen



Piano Teacher:
Yuval Cohen

Yuval Cohen joined the teaching staff of the Academy Conservatory in Jerusalem upon his return to Israel in 2009. He teaches classical piano and jazz improvisation to players of various instruments at all levels. He headed the piano and jazz departments of the conservatory.

Yuval’s students include artists with international careers in the fields of classical music and jazz. Alongside his work with children and teenagers, he teaches adults and students from the higher academy, and gives lectures and online courses. In addition, Yuval is invited to teach at the international courses of the Miami Piano Academy.

Yuval began his piano studies with Leah Agmon, and after graduating from high school and the conservatory, he moved on to study with Yahli Vageman. He received his academic degrees in music from Manns College in New York under the guidance of Edward Aldwell, and his teaching certificate from New York University.
In addition, he received lessons from many coaches, including Richard Goode, Mark Durand, Hal Galfer and Menachem Weisenberg.”

1980-1990- Music Academy in Moscow Ayesh Yapolitov-Yanov
1978-1990- The Moscow Philharmonic

• Concerts since the age of 6 on the stage of the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory by Tchaikovsky
• Solo performances in Poland (the Jewish Theater in Warsaw, the Russian Embassy in Warsaw, the Philharmonic in Gdańsk), Japan (the Sapporo Philharmonic), Germany, Czechoslovakia, Finland (Cultural Center in Leiska).
• Performances in Moscow (in the following museums: Scriabin, Prokofiev, Yarmolova and Tolstoy), the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic, in Smolensk and other cities throughout the Soviet Union. Solo performances and chamber programs with the famous Soviet violinist Mikhail Fichtenholz and other musicians. After immigrating to Israel:
• Regular participation in the Jerusalem Festival in the years 1991-2011 in solo programs at the Jerusalem Theater.
• Regular participation in the “Sound to the Rising” festival in Jerusalem.
• Playback in the sound of music broadcasts.
• Recitals in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya and other cities throughout the country in solo programs, chamber programs and trios.
• Solo programs at the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory, the Gogol Museum in Moscow and on other stages”

Julia Feldman

Jazz voice development


Voice teacher:
Julia Feldman


Bar Geva

Bass guitar


Bass guitar, double bass, and ensemble instructor: 
Bar Geva

Bar Geva (double bass and bass guitar) is an active artist in the light music scene in Israel. As a bassist and musical director, he played and worked with various and diverse artists in the local industry, including: Avi Toledano, Yitzhak Kleftar, Yoram Gaon, Roni Dalomi, Kobi Apello and more.
Among his degrees: Graduated with a master’s degree (M.mus) at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem in contemporary improvised music; Bachelor’s degree (B.mus) at the University of Dublin (Ireland) in jazz and contemporary music; Graduated from the Rimon School of Music and the Thelma Yelin Arts High School.
In addition to his work with popular artists, Bar is also a jazz creator and composer who is a member of the ensembles ‘Abu Josh’ and Ras El Hanout. In the past he initiated the project ‘Butterfly 2020’ – a dance-musical improvisation performance with choreographer Roni Ader. These days he is working towards the first studio album of his works as a solo artist.
In recent years he has been working at the Conservatory of the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem as a teacher of bass guitar and double bass, instructor of ensembles and supervisor of 12th grade students for the submission of final theses for matriculation in music.

Hila Hutmacher

Jazz voice development


Jazz voice development teacher

Hila Hutmacher

Igor Lakshtanov

Electric guitar


Electric guitar teacher:
Igor Lakshtanov


Yaaki Levy



Drums teacher:
Yaaki Levy


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